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Scholars Bowl

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Scholars Bowl is a team of students who participate against other schools in academic competition. Scholars’ Bowl endeavors to enhance the students’ learning experiences through exposure to a broad range of divergent types of knowledge, to develop poise and confidence in students presenting themselves to the public, and to develop the students’ character by helping to instill/reinforce the values of teamwork, self-discipline, diligence, and respect for others. In competition, students accumulate points for the speed and accuracy of their answers in topics covering all aspects of the curriculum. Sample topics are world history, geography, current events, math, literature, fine arts, biology and government. Spain Park’s Scholars Bowl team represents one of the top programs in the state, consistently qualifying for the state tournament, winning first place in three invitational tournaments), winning the Alabama Scholastic Competition Association State Championship in 2013, finishing second in the state tournament last year, winning the 2015 JV Scholars Bowl State Championship, and winning the state tournament again in 2016.

Who Can Join?

Open to all - must speak to Mr. Parker before scheduling unless a incoming Freshman.

Are there dues?



Scheduled Class Time in Rm 110.