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Vote "FOR" Tax *Renewals* - March 7, 2017
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Friday, January 27, 2017
Jefferson County Vote: March 7, 2017
Jefferson County Vote: March 7, 2017

25-Jan-2017 (HCS) – Polls open in Hoover on Tuesday, March 7, 2017, to decide whether to renew three existing property taxes which have benefited Hoover City Schools since the early 1990s.

Up for renewal are two county-wide ad valorem school taxes (2.1 mill and 5.4 mill, both Jefferson County) and a district ad valorem school tax (13.9 mill, City of Hoover, Jefferson County).  Collectively, these three taxes generate more than $20,000,000.00 annually for Hoover City Schools.  This local support has truly been the difference-maker for Hoover City Schools.  It aids our ability to provide quality services for students and employees:

  • Low student-teacher ratios/more teachers
  • Wide range of extracurriculars/fine arts/academy programs
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Safe, clean facilities
  • Capital projects
  • More...

Please renew your support for our school system by casting your vote FOR Hoover City Schools on March 7!

Official polling locations (City of Hoover, Jefferson County portion):

Hunter Street Baptist Church - 2600 Hwy 150
Prince of Peace Catholic Church - 4600 Preserve Parkway
Oakmont Presbyterian Church - 1817 Patton Chapel Road
Shades Crest Baptist Church - 452 Park Avenue
Ross Bridge Welcome Center - 2101 Grand Avenue
Hoover Park and Recreation Center - 600 Municipal Drive
St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church - 2061 Patton Chapel Road
Bluff Park United Methodist Church - 733 Valley Street
Hoover Public Library - 200 Municipal Drive

For more information, contact 205-439-1054.

Click image for official Ballots

Jefferson County School Tax Ballot Example

Click image for official Election Notices

Official Election Notices