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April PTSO Minutes
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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Spain Park High School

PTSO Meeting Minutes

April 3, 2017 


Sharon Baroody, Janet Dees, Amy Luther, Jeannie Rice, Jeremy Bradford, Deborah Freeman, Kim Gagliano, Nicky Mayhew, Mr. Giangrosso, Brook Gilliam 

Meeting was opened at 8:20am by Sharon Baroody. 

Sharon Baroody announced that the new slate of officers for next school year was approved last month.  We will approve the March minutes via email. 

Brook Gilliam, SGA president announced that the new SGA officers have been announced and Shanise Allen will be next year’s president.  Brook and Shanise will plan to attend the May PTSO meeting.  Brook reported that our SGA has collaborated with Hoover HS SGA in raising money for Make A Wish.  They are sponsoring a four-year-old boy named Henry that has cancer.  His wish will be presented on April 29th at the “Celebrate Hoover” event.  Henry wishes to go to the beach. 

Jeremy Bradford, HCS Coordinator of Transportation,

·         Spoke about the need for bus drivers, especially for Spain Park and Greystone.  He said that parents make great drivers or substitute drivers.  They have six to seven in house trainers and four classes, one being this summer, so getting licensed and ready is not a problem.  You have much flexibility as a substitute driver, driving only a few times a month.  For more information, please call Jeremy at (205) 439-1100.

·         He also mentioned that they are currently testing swipe cards on one bus in Bluff Park.  There will be eight buses online by the end of this school year.  Benefits of this are live GPS on buses, there is a parent app available to watch and see where the bus is, and gives the bus drivers greater routing efficiency.  There is also the option to upgrade to have an IPad available on the bus for students to type in their lunch number.  He believes the technology and benefits outweigh the cost.

·         HCS is transitioning to C2 buses (conventional).  They are $18,000 cheaper.  They have ordered nine and have six more coming in.  They will only keep new buses, ten year old buses or newer. 

Mr. Giangrosso reported that April is a very busy month at SPHS.

·         4/27 Spring Art Show

·         Hannah Joseph will be receiving an award from the University of Alabama.  She has been using very effective break out lessons.  She is a graduate of SPHS.

·         This Wednesday, April 5, will be the teacher of the quarter recognition.

·         The Finley winner for this school year is Douglas Henze.  The decision was difficult, as there were many highly qualified candidates.  They are considering interviewing the final two to three top candidates in the future to make this decision.  The Finley recognition night went very well and was well received.  There was positive feedback because of no charge and families were not limited on number to bring.

·         Our band marched in Chicago at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in March.

·         Our choir performed in Carnage Hall.

·         The clubs are selecting and announcing their Honor societies.

·         Course selection – first master schedule on April 12 to see our staffing needs.  They will be looking at our numbers based on rezoning. 

·         Summer registration will be July 25 and 26 from 9am until 3pm for all grade levels.  Makeup day will be on August 1 from 9am until 1pm.  Our hope is that online registration will be open on July 5, which will enable parents to register and pay all fees online.  Students will only have to come on the registration day and bring their receipt to get their books, IDs, parking, bus, &/or lockers.  You will be able to print the schedule after you register online beginning July 5.

·         Freshman Orientation will be Thursday, August 3.  From 4:30-5:30 students will take tours with our ambassadors.  Then from 5:30 until 7:00 will be the meeting where there will be a general meeting, then students will break out, half going to an academic meeting and half going to a procedures meeting.  Parents will remain in the gym for a meeting time with the administrators.

·         E Learning Days are this Thursday, April 6 for 9th, 11th, and 12th graders while the 10th graders take the ACT Aspire test.  We will have seven periods every day this week.   The Aspire test doesn’t get kids in college, it provides a snapshot of how our school is doing as a whole and gives us our ranking.  This is crucial information for our students getting into college, as colleges use this information to evaluate students.  The test is long, from 8:15am until 2:30pm.

·         Prom is on April 22 at the Winfery Hotel.  We will have a meeting with the upper classman prior to prom discussing distracted driving and drinking and driving consequences.

·         Teacher Award day for the students will be Wednesday, April 26th at 8am.  This will not be in front of the whole student body.  Only students receiving awards and their families will be present.

·         Graduation this year will be on a Tuesday night.  They are hoping to get approved for this day to be a half-day.  Mr. Giangrosso will be sending out a letter to senior parents about appropriate behavior at graduation.

·         May 1st summer course schedules will be announced.

·         Retirements are Ms. King, Ms. McCormick, and Kay Carbonie.  There will be a party for them on May 3rd. 

Sharon Baroody announced that HCS will host a Denim and Dining fundraiser at the Met on April 21.  For more information visit

Amy Luther gave the treasurer’s report, reporting as of April 1st.  We paid out approximately $1500 grants in March.  We will have some carry over.  We have approximately $10,000 in our account.  There is a surplus with the library fund.  Their funds in the future will be handled under the grants line item.  Amy presented the proposed budget for next year, which kept income about the same, cut $250 in principals discretionary to put more in grants. 

Sharon Barrody read Lisa Lebo’s Hospitality report: 

·         Teacher of the quarter for March went well. Teachers enjoyed the bagels, fresh fruit, yogurt, sausage balls and sausage rolls. Thank you to the parents who sent in breakfast items. As always, we appreciate their help! 

·         PTSO will help with serving and cleaning up at the retirement party after school on May 3.  

·         End of school teacher luncheon will be Thursday, May 25th. We have a $1600 budget. Bellini's is set to cater. We will meet with them to decide on menu later this month. We will need to purchase centerpieces and table cloths (plastic rolls). We will ask parents to send in desserts.  

Our next PTSO meeting will be Monday, May 1st at 8:15am. 

Meeting was adjourned at 9:20am.

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