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PTSO November Minutes
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Monday, August 21, 2017

Spain Park High School

PTSO Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2017

PTSO Members in Attendance:  Mary Annakin, Ruth Cole, Whitney Wilson, Michelle Picard, Martha Thompson, Leanne Ward, Karen Weeks, Jeannie Rice, Shanise Allen and Mr. Giangrosso.

Call to meeting at 8:16 AM.

Mary Annakin welcomed everyone to the meeting.  We received several Thank You cards and those were passed around for everyone to review. See attached cards

Minutes from October meeting minutes were accepted as written.  Martha Thompson moved to accept the minutes and Jeannie Rice seconded the motion. October minutes will be forwarded for publication.



·         Homecoming Dance went well and fun was had by everyone. 

·         Sadie’s Dance will be held on March 10th.  Fund Raising will be for “Make-A-Wish.” Like last year it will be a “HOOP”-Coming. Theme.  A canned food drive may be incorporated.

·         Shanise will keep us posted on how the PTSO can help.   


TREASURER’S REPORT – Michelle Picard

·         See attached report

·         $315.00 in donations and memberships have come in since the last report

·         $50.00 was spent on Teacher of the Quarter Breakfast

·         $11.858.00 in expenses in this year’s budget

·         $7,000 in cushion

·         Balance of $18,636.45



·  Homecoming dance was brought up that the on-line sales were easier than marking your name off a list.  It was harder for a guy to purchase his date’s ticket.  It was pointed out that it is possible to purchase a guest ticket. 



·   How can we get more exposure for the PTSO. One suggestion was to invite all our Facebook friends to join the PTSO page.  All PTSO members are encouraged to go the SP-PTSO Facebook page and invite their friends to join our page.

·   Please let the PTSO know of any events, fundraisers or accolades that need exposure and we can get it on our Facebook page.  We need to get that word out to the teachers and staff also.



·   Teacher Luncheon will be December 19th – PTSO will be helping with setup, serving, clean-up and providing desserts.  It is set for a Noon time frame.  Table decorations will be Poinsettias and those will also be used for door prizes.  Lisa Lebo and Chris Ann Wingo will be helping also. 



·   Birthday Bags for teachers are going well and look great. 



·         Veterans Day Celebration starts Tuesday

·         Blue Star will set up a museum honoring those who have lost their lives since September 11th, 2001.  They will work through History Classes. 

·         Thursday night the band will perform for Veterans Day from 7pm to 8pm.  A reception will be held from 6:30pm to 7pm.  

·         We have had a rough couple of weeks in football and will face Trussville Friday night in the playoffs.   

·         Winter Sports – basketball, indoor track, wrestling, etc. are all getting started

·         We had an 8th grader qualify for state as a runner.

·         Progress reports will be going out soon.

·         Events – This Wednesday Teacher of the Year and Jacksonville State Teacher of the Year will be announced. A reception will be held Wednesday afternoon to honor those teachers and their families will be invited.

·         “Every 15 Minutes” video was outstanding.  Thanks to the PTSO for their help.  Positive feedback from even outside our community.

·         Homecoming was good.  Would like to continue to move toward having to collect no cash at all during the dance.

·         Academic Awards went well.  The choir sang.  Two hundred students went across the stage.  The reception went well.

·         It was brought up to Mr. Giangrosso that the PTSO needs to get with Amanda Moore to get more “in your face” appearance in the “My School Fees” in the summer sign up.

·         The PTSO was asked for ideas for a gift to be given to each senior from the school.  Think about ideas, like a book; not a paperweight.  Send Mr. Giangrosso any ideas if you have them



·   Rezoning was the topic of the last meeting.  Most people were from the other side of Hoover.  They want to know what is going to happen especially since new housing going up in that area.  


Meeting adjourned at 9:05 AM. 

Next meeting PTSO Meeting will be held on January 8th at 8:15 AM. 

Respectfully Submitted, 

Leanne Ward

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