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PTSO May Minutes
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Monday, August 21, 2017

Spain Park High School

PTSO Meeting Minutes

May 1, 2017 

Sharon Baroody called the meeting to order at 8:15 am.  In attendance:  Sharon Baroody, Janet Dees, Amy Luther, Kim Gagliano, Ruth Cole, Mary Annakin, Martha Thompson, Michele Picard, Karen Weeks, Nicole Crocker, Leanne Ward, Renee Friedman and Mr. Giangrosso. 

Minutes from April 2nd meeting were reviewed, changed, and approved.  Mary Annakin made a motion and Janet Dees second the motion.  April minutes will be forwarded for publication. 


·   The Principal thanked the PTSO for the support this year. PTSO will coordinate Teacher/Faculty Luncheon. Ms. Wingo (439-1411) will be the “go to“ person if anyone needs anything for the luncheon.

·   Exam Schedule has changed slightly this year due to graduation on Tuesday, May 23rd. Normally, Tuesday during exam week is a regular school day with the last exam from 2:00-3:35. This year all 4 days of exams will be ½ days. Next year there could be a possibility of using the Finley Center versus Samford University. Mr. Giangrosso will bring his graduation committee to review the new Finley Center and is hopeful the facility will be free in cost.

·   Senior Awards Nights on Wednesday, May 18th for students receiving awards and scholarships. Location will be at Valleydale Baptist Church and Ms. Prater will be in charge.  Some seniors will not be able to attend due to Law Academy banquet and athletic events conflicting on the same day.

·   Graduation Day, May 23rd:  Seniors will meet in morning and will be bused to Pete Hanna Center at Samford University to have a graduation walk-through. Parents will receive a Senior Class letter to make sure ceremony is respectful and reverent.  Mr. Giangrosso will try to be very specific in letter to get the point across that each student has their moment and to be respectful of that moment.  Graduation takes 1 1/2 hours.  Professional photographer will be there.  Doors will open at 3:00 pm for Belmont to take professional senior pictures.

·   Sports: Girls Varsity Tennis - States Runner Up, Boy & Girls Soccer qualify for state playoffs, Track & Field qualify for Sectional Championship.

·   Rotary Interact Club to be started at Spain Park.  Rotary Club gives out yearly scholarships.

·   Still working on course selections and staffing.  Teacher schedule and mock schedule to be provided before the end of year.

·   Mary Annakin would like to draft a PTSO letter for Mr. Giangrosso, so letter can included with registration information.

·   Summer Registration:  Mr. Giangrosso will need parent volunteers but not as many due to online registration.  The key to everything is MySchoolFees opening up right after July 4th.  From July 10th until registration - students can pick up books, student id, parking, and lockers in the Library – if they have registered on MySchoolFees. This will run 2 days a week from 9:00-4:00. 

·   Freshman Orientation on August 3rd. From 4:30-5:30 students will have the opportunity to take tours with the SP Ambassadors. From 5:30-7:00 students will take part in a general meeting, then break out - half going to an academic meeting and half going to a procedures meeting.  Parents will remain in the gym for a meeting with the administrators.  All counselors and administration will be there to answer questions.  PTSO will set up in lobby to answer any parent questions. Mr. G recommends 2 things:  PTSO can set up in 2 locations – Gym Lobby and Main Lobby. Mary Annakin will speak at meeting. Mary Annakin will provide Mr. Giangrosso with grant information so he can announce the upcoming PTSO grants to be provided for the year. 

·   Prom went well, Mrs. Burnette did a fabulous job.

·   Teacher Awards Day went well and was moved to the morning this year.  It was only for the students receiving the award.

·   Teacher Appreciation this week and teachers will receive something every day.  

President’s Report - Mary Annakin: The president presented a gift to outgoing President, Sharon Baroody for her service to the PTSO Board.  Mary made a motion that Kim Gagliano will replace Maria Smarrelli as Recording Secretary. Leanne Ward seconded the motion.  Mary introduced Karen Weeks who will replace Nicole Crocker as 1st VP Membership.  Karen has been given access as admin to PTSO Facebook account. Martha Thompson will replace Lisa Lebo as 2nd VP Arrangements.  Mary would like to encourage everyone to “like” our PTSO FB page.  

Treasurer’s Report:  Amy Luther:  The treasurer presented the 2017-2018 PTSO Budget. Leanne Ward made a motion to approve 2017 Budget, Janet Dees 2nd the motion – budget approved.  Amy reported PTSO budget balance is $10,223.35.  Budget reserve is projected for $2281.07 to rollover to 2017-2018 year and will continue to rise.  Outstanding grants are in the amount for $2612.28. Fiscal year will end June 30th. Chris Ann Wingo, Amy Luther and Mr. Giangrosso will remind teachers of outstanding grants.  Minutes, budgets and financial reports will need to be turned into Teresa Meadows at the Main Office. 

Committee Reports: 

2nd VP Arrangement – Lisa Lebo/Martha Thompson: Teacher/Faculty luncheon is Thursday, May 25th at 12:00. Bellini's is catering and will meet with them this week about menu. We will need a few people to help set up, serve and clean up. Sign ups will be on sign up genius, which will go out next week and parents will be asked to send in desserts and drinks. Retirement party for Kay Carboni, Doreen McCormick and Susan King, on May 3rd at 4:00.  Gift cards will be provided. 

Corresponding Secretary – Leanne Ware: She is updating the PTSO distribution list.  The following names will be removed from the list:  Janet Dees, Nicole Crocker, Renae Friedman, and Brooke Gilliam.  

HPTC – Renae Friedman: She reported that the Superintendent, Dr. Murphy updated rezoning report.  Hoover City School is currently awaiting judge’s approval.  HCS is on a waiting list.  Gardendale City School is in front of Hoover regarding rezoning. Head Nurse for HCS has 24 nurses and main topic was the Lice Policy.  Kids will be sent home if they find bugs but can come back to school if nurse has only found nits.  Nurses have checked 4000 heads and 265 cases were sent home and treated. There are new changes to sunscreen policy. If sunscreen has chemicals, a permission form will need to be filled out and have on file.  If sunscreen’s ingredients is all organic/natural, students can bring to school for use. SP PTSO paid $100 dues on April 4th for Parent/Teacher Counsel.  Next Hoover Board meeting is May 8th.  Next HPTC meeting is May 11th.  Renae needs “Shout Out and Awards” for next HPTC meeting. 

Next meeting PTSO Meeting will be held August 14th at 8:15

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