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Sarah Kate Carter Staff Photo
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham - M.A.
  • Birmingham-Southern - Teacher Certification
  • Pfeiffer College, North Carolina - B.A.


2017-1018 will be my 33nd year of teaching!

  • 2008 - Present   Spain Park High School
  • 2007 - 2008       Freshman Center, Hoover High School
  • 1990 - 2007       John Carroll High School
  • 1980 - 1985       John Carroll High School




Life story? :-0  No way! How can I make myself appear as a knowledgeable and helpful teacher, strict yet charming?! My life as the oldest of six, mother of two, wife of a soccer coach and veteran of jobs in sales, food, and child care would take way too much time to describe! :-) I would rather talk about school any day, but here goes...

I made the best cheesesteak in my college snack bar. I've sold books, furniture, and solar energy systems, and my children consider me a Great Mom. I'm not good at sports, but I can explain grammar so that ANYONE can understand it! I grew up "up north" but my parents grew up here, and all my relatives are in the South. I've won awards for my poetry but never seem to have time to publish. While I was looking for a "real job" after college, I substituted at John Carroll High School -- and surprised myself by becoming a teacher!

I love the opportunities English provides to relate content to real life, which makes class MUCH more interesting! The reading, writing, and research practiced in English class are absolutely crucial to success for our students, because being able to understand, to think, and to clearly communicate are skills required for every career.

The use of technology in education will become more and more important, but only as a tool. The basics of an English class are (1) understanding and communicating ideas clearly, and (2) responsibly accomplishing goals through research and cooperation. These skills will never be obsolete. We will use technology in my class to improve these essential abilities, not as a substitute for them. :-)

Senior year is problematic, but included in my class will be some extremely helpful tips on time management, study skills and general coping strategies. I teach that HARD is much, much better than EASYl EASY work implies low expectations of abilities; HARD work makes people stronger and smarter!

In today's world, classrooms -- the good ones -- are evolving away from places where one authoritarian voice speaks to silent attentive listeners who later regurgitate memorized isolated facts. Authentic education produces ethical young people who are thoughtful analysts and skillful communicators; in class, this kind of development often involves noisy discussion, exhausting reevaluation, and a learning curve for both students and teachers.

My goals in English 12 are for everyone -- including myself -- to leave the room every day feeling more knowledgeable, more capable, and more excited.

About what? Actually, about everything! 

Let's get started! ;-D