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James Reinsch Staff Photo
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham - Ed.S.
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham - M.Ed.
  • University of South Alabama - Teacher Certification
  • Tulane University - B.A.

  • 2001 - Present  Spain Park High School
  • 1988 - 2001  Simmons Middle School


My name is Jim Reinsch and I have been teaching mathematics at Spain Park High School since it opened in 2001.  Before that I taught at Simmons Middle School for 13 years.

My beautiful wife's name is Kim.  I have 2 stepchildren and 5 grandchildren.  My wife and I have 3 pets -      1 dog (Cody the Dachshund) and 2 cats (Daisy the Oak Mountain Forest cat and Rogan the Norwegian Forest cat).