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  • Bachelor's degree in Sports Science and a minor in General Science from the University of Southern Mississippi
  • Master's degree in Biology from the University of Alabama Birmingham.


1988 - 1990 Beulah High School (Lee Co.); taught Health, Earth Science, and Physical Science, also coached Varsity Football, Varsity Girls Basketball, and Varsity Baseball.

1990 - 1996: Pelham High School; taught Biology and Physical Science, also coached Varsity Football, Varsity Boys Basketball, Assisstant Baseball, and Varsity Girls Soccer.

1996 - 1999: Shades Valley High School; taught Physical Science, Biology, Botany and Zoology, also coached Varsity Football, Assisstant Boys Basketball, Assisstant Baseball.

1999 - 2001: Chelsea High School; taught AP Biology, Biology, and Physical Science, also coached Varsity Football and Varsity Boys Basketball.

2001 - 2012: Hoover High School; taught Physical Science, Pre AP Biology and Biology, and coached Varsity Football, Assisstant Boys Basketball, Assisstant Boys and Girls Soccer and Director of Football Operations.  

2013-Present: Spain Park High School; Forensic Science, Environmental Science, Football Coach and Director of Football Operations.


Before coming to Spain Park High School in 2013, I taught at Hoover High School eleven years, in addition to other Over-the-Mountain schools.  I am an outdoorsman and love nature.  I am married and have two lovely children.  Taxidermy is a hobby I do in my spare time.