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Why should your student study a foreign language?   

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How can you help your student in French class?   

Maybe you didn't take French in high school or in college, but that doesn't mean that you are unable to help your student be successful in French class. Here are some simple things that you can do to help your student: 

1. Practice makes perfect!

Learning a foreign language is like learning how to play an instrument or how to drive a car or how to play a sport - it takes a lot of practice! I recommend that students spend about 10 minutes (or two commercial breaks) a night studying or practicing French. Even on nights when homework is not assigned students should be reviewing vocabulary using Quizlet. 

2. Use it or lose it! 

Ask your student to use the foreign language that we are learning in class. After the first day of class your student already knew how to introduce himself or herself in French. On the way to soccer practice ask your student to say "I like to play soccer." You get the idea... The more your student uses French, the easier it will come so encourage him or her to speak up. And, when you ask the question "What did you learn in French class today?" don't accept the answer "Oh, you know, stuff." 

3. Know what's happening! 

Check the calendar. Test and quiz dates will be posted well in advance. Your student should be aware of these dates as well. The calendar will also have assignment due dates. Knowing what is happening and when will help you help your student. (The calendar is also a great resource for when your student is absent.)

4. Don't wait until it's too late! 

Remind your student to ask questions in class when he or she doesn't understand something. (They won't be the only one thinking that question.) And, remind your student to seek help before school, during AO, or after school if needed. These times are by appointment only, but I will make myself available to helping students that seek out help. Waiting until the day before a test (or even the day of a test) is not encouraged. 

5. Absences

Though French is an elective, it is an academic elective and missing this class is not encouraged. Please try to not schedule appointments during a time at which your student would be absent. If your student is absent, please ask him or her to check the Google Classroom (there's an app for that) to see what was posted that day. And, while you're at it, ask your student to show you around our class Google Classroom page. 

6. Check iNow

I will make sure that iNow is up-to-date every two weeks.