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Traditional Spanish Classes  

Class Syllabus for Traditional Classes 

Blank Homework Worksheet (To be used with the google classroom)


Spanish 1  Spanish 2

New Dates for this chapter (adjusted after ice days)

January 22nd - homework due

January 24th - Sports vocab check

January 26th - stem changing verbs grammar check

January 29th - homework due





 New Dates for this chapter (Adjusted after Ice days)
Monday the 22nd - 2 conjuguemos assignments due (instructions posted on the google classroom)
Tuesday the 24th - conjugation check (preterit and imperfect conjugation quiz)
Monday the 29th - Homework due (instructions will post on the google classroom next week)
Tuesday the 30th - vocab check 5a & 5b
Monday the 5th - Homework due (instructions will post on the google classroom)
Test on the 6th and 8th (6th will be writing/speaking and the 8th will be multiple choice





A note about the bonus assignment - You may not an activity twice in a 9 weeks unless it is one of the following:

Fotos (2 points each) You may do up to 5

Asistir- You may attend each multiple activities or attend one activity multiple times