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Remember to get your supplies for candlemaking by Nov. 2nd! :)

Candle Making

DUE: Monday, November 2nd


1 package of candle wax (1 lb. size) per candle

1 package Medium Candle Wicking

Either 1 Pringles can to make an Ice Candle OR any container that is not too large to use as the container for your candle. ex. Parfait glass or mason Jar


1 candle scent of your choice or you may leave it unscented.

Candle coloring of your choice (dry block type works best) or you may make a white candle.

You must have enough wax for 1 candle. You may bring more HOWEVER, due to time; you may not make more than 2 candles.

You may buy pre-colored candle wax if you prefer and it is about $2.99 a bag.

I always buy my supplies at Hobby Lobby in Lee Branch, but I believe that they have the supplies at Michaels also. There is a

Hobby Lobby also on Hwy 31.