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PES Video
PES Video

This video explains the worksheet we did in class.

Order of Filling Article

Article discussing the errors of the Aufbau principle

PES Practice Spectra

This website will give you PES spectra for a variety of different elements to practice recognizing what each peak represents.

How a Transistor Works

This video explains p a n type semi-conductors and how they are used in a transistor.  Only 6:00 min. long.

Lewis Structure

This article discusses octet rule vs formal charge

Graphing examples of integrated rate law

This link shows the different shapes of graphs for zero, first, and second order reactions using the integrated rate law.

Articles about Learning
Why I Will Never Tell My Son He is Smart

This is an article about how struggling to learn things and even failing at first builds neurons in the brain and increases mental capacity.

Interactive Periodic Table

How a Mass Spectrometer Works

Practice AP Tests

This site contains several old AP Tests and other Multiple Choice questions on all topics.  A great study resource.

AP Calculator

Calculator predicts AP Score based on how you think you did on each section