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SPHS Code of Academic Honesty and Integrity

All students are expected to be honest and to be ethical. The use of translators of any kind is not allowed. If you have questions about what sources are authorized and what sources are not, please ask questions! 


Word Reference

The use of translators of any kind is not allowed, but you may use an online dictionary. Word Reference is my favorite!


Quizlet is a great tool for studying (for any class). I will post vocabulary Quizlets often in our Google Classroom page and you can study those, or you can make your own flashcards. I recommend that you study at least 10 minutes each evening. - French Language

Confused about something we are learning in class? Type whatever concept it is in the search bar and a bunch of resources will pull up. This is a great go-to if you are wanting extra notes and/or extra practice. Don't forget, you can always make an appointment and come to see me for extra help too!