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Spanish I links
Countries and capitals

Here is the countries and capitals song we listened to in class.  This can help you study for your upcoming quiz!

Alphabet march

The alphabet march we did in class.

Stem-change Id quiz


Spanish II links
Ser and Estar rap

Ser and estar song

Irregular preterite song

Sung to the tune of "La Cucaracha".

Spanish grammar checker

Spanish 2 Spring Exam Extra Credit quiz

Spanish news

Univisión is a popular news network in Spanish.  It features news, sports, soap operas, weather, entertainment and much more.

El Mundo

El Mundo is a popular newspaper in Spain.

Study tools
Word Reference

An online Spanish-English dictionary


A website you can use to make digtal flashcards.


A site for practice with verb conjugations

Study Spanish

Study Spanish offers extra help and practice activities for concepts learned in class.

Free Rice

You can learn languages AND feed hungry people around the world by playing the games on this site.

Realidades textbook website

Access your Realidades Spanish textbook online here! You will find several sections of your book here, plus games and activities to use for practice.