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Social Media Safety
Common Sense Media

This website offers parents information about YouTube, how much screen time is too much for today's kids, and other helpful tips.

Free Online Tutoring
Homework Alabama

Homework Alabama offers FREE online tutoring and academic resources from for Alabama residents from kindergarten students through college, plus adult learners. Get help in math, science, English, social studies or writing from a live tutor. Tutors are available 3 p.m. - 10 p.m., Sunday through Thursday. The SkillsCenter Resource Library is available 24/7. The services can be accessed from an Alabama public library, from your home computer or from your mobile device.

Support Groups
APAC Adoption Support Groups By Region/County

APAC (Alabama Pre/Post Adoption Connections) offers support groups that meet throughout the state, providing education and social interaction for adoptive families. The groups are led by a therapist, and topics for discussion are chosen based on the group’s interests and needs. Children's support groups dealing with adoption issues are also available in most areas, as well as childcare.

All groups have teen/children’s groups and childcare during group sessions unless otherwise indicated.

Amelia Center - Grief Support

Group counseling is offered for children and teenagers.  Our children and teen groups are short term groups that allow individuals the opportunity to share with others that have had similar experiences. Other loss specific groups may be offered to meet the needs of clients.  The Amelia Center requires an initial interview with one of our counselors before being allowed to participate.  To set up an appointment, or for more information, please contact (205) 638-7481.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention/Intervention
Addiction Prevention Coalition

Addiction Prevention Coalition is a local group promoting education and prevention for substance abuse.

Safeguard Your Medicine

3 helpful tips to safeguard your home and prevent medication abuse

8 Ways to Take Control of Your Time

Struggling with time-management?  Check out these helpful tips!

Take Control of Homework

Click on the link to figure out how to take control of your homework instead of allowing your homework to control you!

Family Connections - Safe Place
Safe Place

Project Safe Place is a national crisis prevention program for children and teens. Family Connection is an affiliate of National Safe Place.  

Project Safe Place is a resource for children and teens to get immediate help when necessary, and an opportunity for them to take the initiative when a situation becomes dangerous.